Who will you pick? Tour De France 2024 Tipping Comp

Who will you pick? Tour De France 2024 Tipping Comp

We might be in the depths of winter here in Australia, but that means it’s

... Le TOUR Time!

Get ready for some late nights & early mornings watching the greats battle it out on the latest bikes and the latest gear over 3 weeks.


Be running to win up to $150 in Gift Vouchers! 

To add even more fun and interest we’ve set up a Topgear Cycles Tipping League in the @escapecollective fantasy tipping competition.


Register NOW! 

Click Here to register or copy and past the link below to share amongst your friends.



The Prizes: 

$50 Gift Voucher

To the leader on the first rest day on (9th July 2024 AEST)


$50 Gift Voucher 

To the leader on the second rest day on (16th July 2024 AEST)


$100 Gift Voucher 

To the leader at the end of the last stage. (22 July 2024 AEST)


The Rules: 

  1. You must be registered (links above) to play
  2. Each rider you choose goes towards your overall points
  3. You can only choose a rider once! (so choose carefully)



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