Basic Service

  • We've put this together as a thorough gear, brake, chain check and safety inspection to give you the confidence that your bike is well tuned and functioning safely and efficiently.


    • Bike Safety Check
    • Brake Safety Check
    • Gears Adjusted - Front & Rear
    • Chain Wear Check
    • Lube Chain
    • Test Ride


    The Topgear BASIC Service is great for bicycles that you may have purchased and ridden within the last 12 months or a bike that you want a simple check over after it has been in storage for some time.

    Kids bikes, due to their simplicity, often will only require a Topgear BASIC Service.

    Note: To complete a BASIC Service we need the bike to be mostly clean prior to drop off. Areas particularly around the forks, cranks, brake pads, derailleurs front and rear, cassette and chain should be clear of mud or dirt. Please select the FULL Service for a bike wash.

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