+Plus Service

  • This is the service option to choose as an annual bike service for your mountain bike or road bike. Select this service if you are regularly riding through muddy and wet conditions (where water or dirt can enter the bottom bracket or headset) or if your bike is used regularly on an indoor trainer.


    • Topgear FULL service, and
    • Detailing / Clean of the frame
    • Degrease chain, cassette and cranks
    • Brake Pad Reface front & rear
    • Check cassette wear
    • Check cable wear (brake and gears)
    • Wheel alignment & true
    • Bottom bracket overhaul
    • Headset overhaul

    The Topgear +PLUS Service will get your performance mountain bike, triathlon bike or performance road bike in shape for another year of efficient riding or prepared for your next season of racing, touring or commuting. 

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