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Assioma PRO MX-1 Power Pedals - Single

Assioma PRO MX-1 Power Pedals - Single


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Assioma PRO MX is the revolutionary pedal-based power meter for MTB and gravel 100% SPD® compatible.

You can use it with the cleats provided within the box or with the original Shimano® SM-SH51.

It inherits the reliability and extreme precision of the Favero road power pedals, adding unparalleled resistance to shocks during your challenges on the trail.


Easy to install and universally compatible
The Favero Assioma PRO MX-1 power meter pedals can be installed and swapped between bikes like any other pedal: in a few minutes and without special tools or the assistance of a mechanic.

They feature both Bluetooth and ANT+ communication channels, which makes them compatible with the majority of bike computers and smart watches on the market, as well as with the major training apps such as Zwift, Strava, Bkool, TrainerRoad, Rouvy and many others.

Compact spindle to protect the technology
All the electronic components and the integrated rechargeable battery are safely stored within an extremely compact and resistant spindle.

Those unpleasant inconveniences of battery-related dropouts typical of the replaceable batteries are thus avoided thanks to the strategic position of the rechargeable battery and the consequent absence of external electrical contacts.

On top of that, without battery compartments or power ports that can be opened and closed, water, mud, and dust cannot enter, thus guaranteeing extreme reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

The product is IP67-certified.

Extremely resistant to shocks and impacts
The pedal body in aluminium 6061-T6 is extremely robust and light, ready for all types of terrain.  

The clipless system features a surface hardness of up to 800 HV, ensuring that the power meter pedal is as resistant to shocks as never seen before.

IAV Power and Data Measured by Assioma PRO MX-1

Thanks to the special IAV Power System, the Assioma measurements take into account our irregular pedaling (e.g., sprints, climbs) or the use of oval chainrings when calculating power, guaranteeing an accuracy of ±1% in any situation.  Assioma PRO MX offers extremely comprehensive data reading via ANT+ and Bluetooth.



PCO (Platform Center Offset)
PP (Power Phase)
TE (Torque Efficiency)
PS (Pedal Smoothness)
RP (Rider Position)

Assioma PRO MX-1 uses integrated rechargeable batteries: a single charge guarantees at least 60 hours of use. Charging takes place via a magnetic system, which avoids any problems related to accidental tugging of the charging cable.
Made in Italy
Favero Electronics produces each power meter in its headquarters in Italy and tests its good functioning individually through careful laboratory tests, fully satisfying the standards required by current regulations.


Pedals for MTB and gravel with power sensor only on left side
Weight per power pedal: 191.4 g
L/R Balance
Cadence sensor: included, inbuilt
Gyroscope: included, inbuilt
Power calculation system: IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity-based)
Cycling Dynamics: Available
Data visible via ANT+ or on the Favero Assioma App:
Power Phase (PP)
Pedal Smoothness (PS)
Torque Efficiency (TE)
Rider Position (no App Favero Assioma)
Data visible via Bluetooth:
Oval-chainrings compatible: yes
Battery type: rechargeable, lithium-ion
Battery life: at least 60 hours
Radio communication: ANT+, Bluetooth
Accuracy power measurement: ± 1%
Thermal compensation: -10°C / +55°C
Waterproofness rating: IP67
Safety standard - DIN EN ISO 4210
Bike Category 3: Riding in rough terrain and drops less than 61 cm
Stack height: 11.2 mm
Compatible cleats:
Provided cleats (art. 773-00-62)
Shimano® SM-SH51 cleats
Bike types: MTB XC, CX, gravel
Made in Italy
Warranty: 2 yrs


Left pedal with power sensor
Right pedal without power sensor
MTB-compatible SPD® cleats
4 Washers
Magnetic charging connector (2x MX-2 | 1x MX-1)
1 Micro USB 2-way charging cable
1 Greasing tools kit
1 Guarantee and safety manual

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