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Body Geometry Fit - Designed by Specialized

The Body Geometry Fit is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider. Scientifically tested and ergonomically designed to maximise power, endurance and comfort through a systematic customisation of your bike and equipment. 

Topgear is accredited by Specialized as a Body Geometry Fit Specialist . Give us a call to learn more.

body geometry fit

No matter what type of bike it is, making sure it fits you perfectly is a high priority for us. New, old or the amount of use it gets, a bike that fits should be comfortable and enjoyable. A bike that is the wrong size will lead to discomfort, potential injury and a cycling experience that is not enjoyable.

Getting the right fit for your bike is critical for you to get the most out of your cycling. At Topgear Cycles we recommend the Body Geometry Bike Fit process.

Developed after years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine , it is the most comprehensive bike fitting system in the world.

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The Process

1. Pre-Fit Interview

Every fit – whether it’s for a novice or experienced cyclist – starts with a brief interview between a trained technician and rider that addresses the individual’s injury history, needs and goals.

2. Flexibility Assessment

This evaluation gains an accurate picture of the individual’s flexibility and other physical attributes, including assessment of foot structure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulder extension, hip flexion and leg length, among others.

3. Side View

Assessed using the side view of the rider, the goal is to deliver a correct neutral position that’s both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height, handlebar height, stem length and cleat position.

4. Front View

Analysis from frontal view to optimize hip, knee and foot alignment for greater performance and balanced power delivery. includes analysis of pedal and shoe placement and squareness on the saddle.

5. Follow Up

After a week or so, the technician calls to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments and to answer any other questions or concerns the rider may have.


See it for yourself

Body Geometry

Shoes and Footbeds

The key to more comfort, less injuries, and higher power output comes from a combination of our Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and personalized insoles with a Metatarsal Button. When used in harmony, these three features align the hip, foot, and knee, while also limiting medial/lateral knee movement and maintaining good circulation down to your toes.


We work with the world's top athletes to develop saddles that stand, or rather sit, without rival. With exclusive features, like the Body Geometry groove found on our Power Saddle, our saddles eliminate unwanted pressure on nerves, arteries, and soft tissue. And not only do they reduce pressure, but they also provide the comfort and support that you need for everything from long, hard efforts to laid-back weekend jaunts around town.

Gloves and Grips

Say goodbye to numb hands—our Body Geometry gloves use strategically-placed, contoured pads that distribute forces across your hands to reduce nerve pressure and maintain circulation in your digits. To complement the gloves, our grips conform to your hands' anatomy to further relieve pressure, and as a system, deliver the best possible comfort and control.


Retül Technology in Specialized retailers helps personalize Body Geometry gear to assure you’re riding with more power and less pain. Body Geometry equipment delivers the best performance when it's tailored to your individual needs. Retül Match and Fitting technologies provide you with key metrics about yourself, so you can select the perfect equipment in a matter of seconds, while safely and conveniently storing your personal fit information for future equipment choices.