Workshop Update 17/09/2020, Covid-19, we can now take in emergency repairs!

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An update fromBicycle Industy Australia..

The Issue

Under the Victorian Government’s Stage 4 restrictions, which came into effect at the start of August, workshop activities were restricted to the repair of bicycles used for transport by essential workers, and prohibiting the repair of all other bicycles used for recreation and sport.

What action has BIA taken?

BIA focused on key Ministers, Vic Minister for Road Safety, Vic Minister for Youth and Vic Minister for the Coordination of Transport: COVID-19, advising that restricting general bicycle servicing and repair was placing Victorians at risk. Specifically, concerns were raised about novice riders who had discovered cycling during covid, along with children using bicycles that could not be repaired. Positive discussions were undertaken with the office of the Minister for Youth and the Minister for Road Safety, acknowledging the issues.

The outcome.

On Wednesday the 16th September the Victorian Government modified the regulations relating to the allowed repair of bicycles;Bicycles are considered vehicles and customers are permitted to seek urgent repairs. If the nearest repair or maintenance store is more than 5km from your home, you may travel outside the 5km zone to access these services. Bicycle repair and maintenance stores may operate for repairs and critical maintenance only. This should operate as ‘drop off and collect’ service to minimise face-to-face interaction.


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