The Specialized Creo has arrived!

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The Specialized Creo has arrived!

Specialized Bicycles have today released the new “Creo” model electric road bike. This bike is a cross between the Tarmac and the Diverge. I was lucky enough to get a ride in last week to test its capabilities. We headed to Healesville on a cold winters day to tackle the climb up Mount Donna Buang. For those who have ridden this climb, you will know that 1/ its long and hard and 2/ its bloody cold in July. No snow today but it was freezing descending off the mountain.

 My first impressions of this bike is just wow! As always Specialized know how to detail a bike. The colours, the graphics and the quality in the paint finish just jump out at you. The sleekness of this bike is super impressive. It has a larger than “normal” bottom bracket area to hide the motor (240w Sl 1.1] but this is significantly smaller and lighter than Specialized previous Levo, Vado or Como eBikes. The oversize down tube hides the 320w/h battery internally and there is also an optional 160 Wh range extender that looks like a water bottle which is designed to fit into a “Specialized Z Cage” on the seat tube.

Our ride had 1700m of climbing over 70km. The bike was set up with 38mm Pathfinder tyres but the bike comes standard with 28mm.

I’m an 85kg rider and I was impressed that I still had 32% battery life at the end of our 70km hilly ride. I did one 6km climb up Don Road as fast as I could on “Turbo” mode and I was impressed with the extra power but also how little battery I used under such load. Thankfully, we had an 8km downhill finish back into Marysville.


Specialized Creo

The model I tried had the updated Future Shock 2.0. This was an absolute pleasure on the dirt roads and added fantastic control as we headed along the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail in slippery conditions.

As you can see from my Strava loop, this bike still gives you a great workout. Pushing past the 25km limit is seamless. I was feeling at times that I was getting assistance when doing over 3okm/h on the flat trails but it was the sensation of how good this bike rides.

The bike weighs in around 13kgs which was noticeable when climbing in “eco” mode, but an easy touch of the “Turbo Connect Unit” [TCU] on the top tube put me through to “sport or turbo” modes and the change in power is again seamless.

The bikes are due in September into Australia in a range of models. Details to come very soon. 

So who is this bike designed for?  Well any one who wants to have fun on a bike, its that simple! Whether you want to keep up with your riding buddies up the hills or you want to go further than you fitness allows this bike will certainly put a smile on your dial. In my opinion the Creo is a pleasure to ride and you will forget that it is a electric bike.

See below some pics of our ride and some stats from Stava and the Specialized Mission Control App.


When testing a bike like the Creo you really need to find a climb that will test its limits….job done!

My ride Stats
Distance 71.1km
Duration 3hours 3min
Max elevation 1174m
Elevation gained 1697
Max Speed 80km/hr [wet roads;-]
Avg Speed 21km/hr
Calories burnt 1875
Avg support level 39.23%
Heart rate avg 124 Max 161!!
Battery % remaining 32%

would be good if the new Creo came with heated seats and handle bars ;-]


Some stats below from the Specialized website…..

The Turbo Creo SL Expert features out Fact 11r carbon chassis. Yes, that’s the same one on the S-Works model, and you’ll also get the new Future Shock 2.0. For the spec, we included a 1x Shimano Ultegra Di2 build with an XT rear derailleur and an 11-42t cassette to take on shifting and braking duties, while Roval C 38 Disc carbon wheels get wrapped in 28mm Turbo Pro tires to keep you rolling worry-free and super fast. And filling out the build are our Future Stem Pro, alloy Expert Hover bars, and our fan-favorite Body Geometry Power Expert saddle.

  • The Creo SL is the lightest e-bike in its class—literally kilograms lighter than the competition. Not only does the lightweight and stiff FACT 11r carbon frame inspire dancing on the pedals and diving into corners, but it also reduces overall system weight and increases the range.
  • The lightweight SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to amplify your ride. The motor’s responsive torque curve delivers power perfectly in-tune with your normal riding cadence and leaves no resistance when riding unassisted.
  • Battery anxiety? Not on the Creo SL. With up to 80 miles of range from the internal battery, the Creo SL eats up big miles and long days. Our optional range extender provides up to 40 additional miles of mountain-flattening power.
  • By connecting with our Mission Control App, you’re able to tune the SL 1.1 motor to your riding style, record rides, and monitor the battery. The app can handle battery management automatically too, ensuring the battery will last as long as you need it to. The motor even has a built-in power meter that transmits to any ANT+ head unit. Don’t want to connect? No worries— the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU) on the top tube gives you all the control you need to ride.
  • With the Future Shock 2.0, you’ll feel a reduction in fatigue and an increase in speed, no matter the terrain. The 2.0 iteration gives you more control via a knob atop the stem. This knob adjusts compression from fully-open to stiff, while hydraulically-damped internals control rebound. The new Smooth Boot, top cap, and Future Stem also enhance the aesthetic, so you get a clean transition from head tube to stem.
  • We’ve learned there can be more difference between two male cyclists than between a male and female. Gender alone doesn’t provide enough data to specialize. It means that separating bikes as male or female is arbitrary and outdated. With this in mind, we’ve developed a geometry that’s best-fit for all riders—one that’s comfortable, snappy, and handles like a dream.
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  1. Great write up. I can’t wait for these to arrive and to demo it for myself. I have been waiting years for Specialized to build this and it doesn’t look like they have disappointed.

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