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We first saw this product at Ironman Western Australia late last year. Since then a few of us from the shop have been trailing it and the results have been impressive. Tim, Peter and Ivan are all training to race the 70.3 Ironman in Geelong in 3 weeks and all of us are using it for our long training sessions and we will definitely be using PREP”D for race day. Its very easy to use , just consume the Prime drink 6 to 18 hours before a long endurance work out or race. Normally for me this is late on a Saturday afternoon as most of my long sessions [4 to 6 hours] are done on Sunday’s.

PREP”D has a really nice taste and is very easy to consume. The idea behind it is to boost the hydration that you already take on the day of long exercise or race. So far I have been really impressed with how it works and how simple it is to take, it is much better if you have some in the fridge as it is quite refreshing to drink.

If you have any questions regarding this product drop in and have a chat to Peter and Tim

Details from the PREP”D website……..

PREPD is backed by over 20 years of collaborative medical research between Flinders and Yale Universities. The original clinical research devised a better oral rehydration solution (ORS) to treat severe dehydration arising from diseases like cholera and rotavirus for people living in developing countries.

Traditional World Health Organisation (WHO) ORSs only trigger fluid absorption in the small intestine, and fail to trigger the absorption capacity of the large intestine (up to 5L per day). Our research team identified a unique resistant starch, which was able to promote absorption of fluid in the large intestine whilst maintaining optimal absorption in the small intestine. This new formulation was able to improve hydration by 39% when compared with the WHO recommended ORS (Ramakrishna et al 2000).

Using the same unique patent-pending resistant starch, PREPD was adapted from this ground-breaking medical research (Binder et al 2014) to boost hydration and meet the fluid loss needs of athletes. While our founders still pursue the goal to reduce severe dehydration in developing countries, they also share our vision to pioneer a new frontier in sports hydration and performance.

Testimonals from PRO athletes

“The first time I used PREPD I performed significantly better in my controlled sub maximal cycling tests. I didn’t quite believe the improvement so I retested many times over two months until there could be no doubt whatsoever that the hydration enhancing effects of PREPD are very real and was absolutely improving my performance. I would highly recommend to any athlete looking to improve their endurance performance and recovery.”
— Tim Reed – 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

Trailed Prepd after Ironman WA in training with plans to make it part of my success plan for 70.3 events and above.

Taste is great, easy to use and no over thinking of the process.

Results in testing was 30% less loss of body mass (through sweat) on long runs at greater intensity and warmer conditions than baseline run. Felt stronger and able to hold higher pace, and importantly recovered to go again the next day.

Ill definitely use it on my big training days and as part of race fuelling strategy.