Specialized Levo mountain bike review

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This week we got to test out the new Specialized Levo mountain bike at Lysterfield Park. We were surprised what this bike delivered in power and handling. It weighs approx 22kg but rides like a normal Mountain Bike just bigger and better. The power that this bike delivers on single track is out standing, I really had to adjust my riding style as this bike really took off when you pushed on the pedals. Interestingly the bike responded better when you tap lightly on the pedals, something that I had to change my style of riding coming out of corners, which I normally push hard to regain lost speed.  The exclusive, German made Brose 250 watt motor is custom-tuned to smoothly and quietly add additional power to the pedals to make climbing nearly effortless, and the output is fully adjustable to conserve energy with a free phone App called Misson Control. You can customize the wattage of each of the three power modes, (Eco, Trail, and Turbo), or program in the duration of your ride in hours or miles or kilometers with “Smart Control,” to best manage battery life. The bike powers up to 25km/hr which on single track really gives you enough power to get up the toughest climbs with ease.


At the battery, you’ll find that it’s fully integrated with the down tube and easily removable for quick charging or swaps. We were really surprised with the life of the battery , I rode pretty much in full Turbo mode for 1.5 hours and it had only used 40% of its charge.


After setting up the bikes suspension the same way we would normally set up a Specialized bike. The Autosag makes it so easy to get this bike dialed in to the rider. we hit the trails. Tim and I were laughing so much in the flowing single track with what this bike delivers. You dont notice the weight of the bike , but you do have to adapt your pedaling style.


One of the highlights is how clean the frame looks, the motor is so well integrated into the bottom bracket that it almost disappears


Everything you need to control the pedal assist is located on the key pad on the down tube. The center button powers up the system and the + and – buttons add or subtract assist levels.


This bike certainly leads the electric/power assist bikes that are on the market at the moment for both looks and performance. The techy stuff certainly blew us away, not sure if this bike is for every one but there are more and more people seeing the benefits of powered assist bikes in our market. I was recently in the French Alps cycling and a guide we had booked for the day , who was a former Down Hill racer was a big wrap for them. Once the lift had stopped taking bikes up the mountain for the downhill run he would just jump on the powered assist bike and enjoy the flowing DH trails with out the 1 hour climb to get up. He said he actually road more because of the assistance which can only be a good thing.

We will have a instore Demo bike soon so come try for your self, you wont be disappointed, like Tim and myself you will leave with a smile on your dial.

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The Levo comes in hard tail and dual suspension models at varing price points. 2017 model and prices will be available end of July.