Bryce's first thought on a Cyclocross bike

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Ever wondered why cyclocross bike’s are so popular? Well they are so versatile and reliable on any surface. Topgear Cycles Team rider Bryce Young has tried one out for a few weeks on a few different rides. Check out his thoughts below…

“After spending the time to get the setup right the Crux has continued to amaze me by its versatility and how rewarding every ride is.


An hour or two on a mix of known dirt and sealed tracks was all that was needed to be ready to use the Crux in the recent 65km Dirty Gran Fondo.
The Crux has no trouble holding speed on the undulating logging tracks of Mt Disappointment north of Melbourne. Whether on the brake hoods or down in the drops, the Crux is easily guided across seemingly rough terrain in a comfortable manner. The all-terrain tyres provide exceptional traction and control on both steep climbs and steep descents and return every confidence when riding into and through corners of varying surface condition.


In a more urban scene a new element of fun exists in the commute to and from work. The sealed paths of the ever-expanding cycle network can be ridden with road bike efficiency without any need to panic if the path condition slowly deteriorates, or even becomes a gravel track. Once again, the efficiency continues and the tyres perform well and within their capability, wet conditions are no challenge and that shortcut (or maybe longer diversion) around the oval or on the other side of the creek is a new possibility. With the inclusion of disc brakes the increased stopping efficiency is a very welcome addition that also removes the past worry of gravel or water on the braking surface on the rims.

Venturing out on a recent Sunday social ride we started on the bitumen to wynd our way toward the back country roads of Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs (Arthur’s Creek, Hurstbridge, Wattle Glen, etc). This gave the advantage of maintaining the fitness levels on roads that have very little (if any) traffic. Apparently there was some rain adding to the already wet roads but it didn’t seem to throw any dampener on the ride. Another 60+ km’s ridden on mostly dirt roads, with some corrugation making my teeth rattle where the wheels, tyres, comfort and efficiency were not a limitation. After a clean the Crux is ready again for the recovery commute…”