Noosa Triathlon race report

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Noosa Triathlon by Penny Hoskin

There is something that brings you back to Noosa every year. It has a big reputation being Australia’s largest and premier triathlon and it did not disappoint. It is a great event weekend and escape to the warm after Melbourne winter.

It was a very quick turn around with only 5 days break in-between Xterra and Noosa. Needless to say I was feeling pretty flat when I arrived. Jumping on the time trial bike again felt so effortless and fast after the mud and hills of Maui. Noosa is great event with open water swims, celebrity triathlon events, cycling crits and runs leading into the main event, the Noosa Triathlon.

The weather for race day was perfect, calm and a bit cloudy. I was racing Open Age group which means we are the next waves after the Pro’s so no waiting around.

I lined up at 6:28am in the Noosa River for the deep water start. I had great swim start and lead into the first buoy. I didn’t know how well the body had recovered so I lets a few girls past and found a nice set of feet to sit on for a draft.


Coming into transition one I was in the lead pack of four. After a decent transition I passed a few girls and mounted the bike in second place and was soon into the lead. I knew I had to put my head down and work the bike as I wanted a buffer for the run. I felt strong through the whole 40km bike leg. The highlight is the 3km climb. It was a bit of a lonely bike and you only get one check of where the other girls are at the top turn around.

I racked my bike and headed off onto the run. I took off on the run a bit slower than usual in the hope that I would build into the run. I lost the lead at the top turn around. I was really starting to hurt and feel the fatigue from last week’s adventures. I could see the next girl at the top turn was moving and could do nothing to respond when she passed me. The last 3km was tough. I was determined to stay in a podium position and not get passed in the closing stages again. I managed to hold on and happily finish in 3rd place.

A big shout out to Topgear Cycles who had a Specialized Shiv time trial bike packed up for me and ready to go after my Hawaii race, couldn’t have done it without their support.