[extra]ordinary* bike ride

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[extra]ordinary* women’s mountain bike ride
*extraordinary *adjective – adjective: extraordinary; adjective: extra-ordinary

  1. very unusual or remarkable.

On Saturday we invited a group of female riders to join us on a ride of our local mountain bike trails. This was no super charged , mud flinging ride to drop who ever took up the challenge , but to encourage women of all levels to try mountain bike riding and join a group of like minded riders to have fun . What we didnt know was what seemed like a group of mildly mannered girls , ended up being a mixed bag of extraordinary* champions. I have used the saying “never judge a book by its cover” a few times this week and on Saturdays ride this couldn’t of been truer . There was lots of nerves for the first time mountain bike riders , but this soon turned to laughs as we hit the dirt.


after finding out a little more about our new friends in the bunch we found out this about a few of them….

^15 time Ironman finisher

^a Dr in Molecular Genetics specializing in Cancer research and a mother of 2 [and 3 time Ironman finisher!]

^a Physiotherapist student who had just finished 9th at the World Marathon Kayaking champs

^Mother of 2 who has competed in the XPD 10 day non stop Adventure race world champs.

^Hawaii Ironman finisher who has just returned from volunteering overseas for a year

^An Olympian @ middle distance running.

^World age group Triathlon Champion and Engineer.


Our ride included some great flowing single track with bits of bike path , which was used to share a laugh at what obstacles had just been taken on, mostly successfully .



The ride was followed by “Pilates in the Park” with Topgear Cycles owner Celine taking the group through it’s paces in the beautiful Banksia Park. So nice to do a stretch and some core work to finish of a great afternoon.

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If you would like to do one of Celine’s Pilates classes you can find out more here www.completemnb.com.au

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